EMP Alumni Fellowship

Founded in 1937, this organization of former Employees promotes fellowship among those who have worked at Silver Bay, while upholding loyalty to Silver Bay and the preservation of the Silver Bay spirit and EMP experience. Through membership dues and fundraising projects, the EAF assists with improvement of facilities and recreational opportunities for EMPs. The term “EMP” includes all Silver Bay staff members regardless of age or position, and all are automatically members of the EMP Alumni Fellowship. The EMP Alumni Fellowship administers the EMP Alumni Fellowship Scholarship program.

Click to pay your annual dues, or to make a donation to EAF. Please specify your intentions in the message field called any special instructions to recipient. This field will appear in the review process of the payment.


Mary Johnson – President Kate & Scott Cotten  -1st Vice-Presidents Dolores Stanczuk – 2nd Vice-President Laura Nagy  – Secretary Todd Phillips – Treasurer Jill Baker – Past president If you would like to contact a member of the EMP Alumni Fellowship committee, please email us at cclose@silverbay.org (include EMP Alumni Fellowship in your subject line) or mail us at: Silver Bay YMCA EMP Alumni Fellowship 87 Silver Bay Road Silver Bay, NY 12874  The EMP Alumni Fellowship gives an annual gift to the current EMPs. The gifts given to improve the facilities/recreational opportunities have been a new ERC roof, indoor/outdoor furniture for the ERC, pool table and sand for the volleyball court.



The EMPilog is published twice a year providing information about alumni activities and updates in their lives. Every Alumnus has the opportunity to submit information about their lives to be published in the EMPilog Grapevine. Please fill out the electronic form and we’ll do our best to include as many updates as we can!



The EMP Alumni Fellowship Reunion is held every year and is filled with fun, memories and time spent at Silver Bay with good friends. Look for more information on the 2019 EMP Alumni Day coming soon! To support the annual gifts to the current EMPs, the EMP reunion, receive the EMPilog, and to be a voting active member, please contribute $10 to EMP Alumni Fellowship. To pay your dues mail your check to: Silver Bay YMCA EMP Alumni Fellowship 87 Silver Bay Road Silver Bay, NY 12874


The purpose of the EMP Alumni Fellowship Scholarship Fund is to provide additional financial support, through a stipend, to a summer Employee who, but for this assistance, would not otherwise be able to work at the Silver Bay Association. To be eligible, a person must be enrolled full-time in an accredited college whether residential or commuting for the school year following the summer of Employment. A five-member committee will review applications. Recipients will be selected and notified of their selection by April 1. The total stipend shall be in an amount to be determined by the Scholarship Committee, but not less than $1,000. For more information about applying for an EMP Alumni Fellowship Scholarship or for contributing to the Fund, please email cclose@silverbay.org. EMP Alumni Fellowship Scholarship This scholarship was established in the Fall of 1994. The inspiration for this scholarship was a donation to the EMP Alumni Fellowship by Betty Merrell (EMP 1952) in memory of her brother, Robert Merrell (Emp 1953-54). Generous donations from former and current EMPs, friends of the EMP community and a very generous donation from the Estate of Mildred Gott Bryan in memory of Robert Merrell allowed the first scholarships to be awarded in 1997. A total of 48 scholarships have been awarded since 1997 with a dollar amount more than $50,000. Thanks to the continued support of former EMPs and friends of the EMP community, the Scholarship Fund continues to grow and hence the EMP Alumni Fellowship’s ability to award scholarships.