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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction at Silver Bay


What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a conversation with a person who is spiritually experienced and trained to provide the opportunity for one to move into a closer relationship with God. Spiritual Direction helps one to understand ways in which God may be touching a person’s life either directly or indirectly. Through work with a spiritual director, a sacred space is created where one can experience healing, forgiveness, acceptance, and grace. What emerges though the process of Spiritual Direction is discernment, meaning, purpose, and hope. The results of this intentional work can be a greater sense of peace, wholeness, contentment, and joy.


There are many reasons why someone might like to engage in spiritual direction. One might be at a crossroads in his or her work life; relationship issues; to deepen their relationship with God; to grow in their prayer life; or to deepen their spiritual path.


Why Spiritual Direction at Silver Bay?

 Silver Bay is dedicated to helping people deepen in their relationship with God. When one is at Silver Bay they come in contact with the beauty of God’s creation.


This retreat setting offers a unique opportunity to feel the presence of God with us and around us. Spiritual Direction offers the opportunity for one to talk about the presence of the holy in one’s life.


Past experience with spiritual direction is not needed for one to seek spiritual direction. As we often say at Silver Bay, who ever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey you are welcome here. Each year members of the Spiritual Life staff meet with hundreds of individuals who are seeking support for their life journey.


Who Can I Meet With?


There are several members of the Silver Bay Spiritual Life staff who are trained Spiritual Directors who would be glad to meet with you:

Sister Connie Messitt

Rev. Bruce Tamlyn


Three Ways To Make An Appointment


  1. Stop by the Spiritual Life Center located on the first floor of the Trinity House building.  One of the spiritual director’s would be glad to meet with you if they are free, or you may choose to schedule an appointment.


  1. Call the Spiritual Life Center at 518-543-8833 extension 293 or 261 and speak with one of the staff members to schedule an appointment.


  1. Or email btamyln@silverbay.org and he will assist you in scheduling an appointment.