Silver Bay YMCA Council is an auxiliary organization of Silver Bay YMCA. Its members are dedicated to restoring, enhancing, and preserving the Silver Bay campus while embodying the Silver Bay Spirit.

Silver Bay Council supports the needs of Silver Bay and its Board of Directors. Members find avenues for volunteering throughout the year, participate in fundraising activities to help meet organizational needs, and advise and provide input where and when needed to ensure that Silver Bay remains a vibrant retreat for all.

Silver Bay Council also hosts “Tidy Time” work weekends, a tradition that started in the late ’60s. Every spring and fall, members of the Silver Bay Council and Silver Bay staff get together to help “tidy up” and make improvements around campus. Families and individuals who are not on Council are more than welcome to participate and enjoy the fun, as well as the special weekend rate. A minimum of four (4) hours per day of work is required. Projects are split into four categories: Special Projects, Gardening, Trails, and Special Duty.


Anne Erling, President

Peter Meyers, Vice President

Natalie Shotts, Treasurer

Chris Kleinhenz, Secretary


Nomination Committee

Paul Duggan, Co-Chair

Jane Sheldon, Co-Chair

Tidy Time Committee

Natalie Shotts, Co-Chair

Penny Siesko, Co-Chair

Allocations Committee

Peter Meyers, Chair

Anne Erling

Natalie Shotts

Debby Wattenbarger

Fundraising Committee

Natalie Shotts, Chair

We welcome new members! If interested in joining the Silver Bay Council, download and fill in the Membership form and follow the instructions for submission.

For allocation requests: Download and fill in the Allocation Request form and follow the instructions for submission.

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2023 Tidy Time Weekends:

2023: May 19-22 & October 6-9

Click HERE to view May’s schedule

Council Meeting Minutes:

2022: May / August / October

2021: May / August / October

2020: April / August

2019: May / August / October

2018: May / August / October

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