A Program Pass is required to access Silver Bay grounds. When you purchase a Program Pass at Silver Bay, you are able to access the Silver Bay campus, Gift Shop, Program Areas, and Hiking Trails.

A Guest Pass is not required to attend Sunday Worship Services.

2023 Information will be available soon!


2023 Information will be updated soon!


More About Guest Passes at Silver Bay YMCA:

Silver Bay YMCA is part of the national and international YMCA Movement. We subscribe to the principles of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Our Silver Bay mission is to foster a lifelong sense of belonging, strengthen relationships, and nurture spirit, mind, and body for all.

The Silver Bay YMCA is a non-profit, charitable organization comprised of and governed by its guests. Program participation and guest status in the Silver Bay YMCA represents not only an acknowledgment of our mission, principles, and structure; it also demonstrates a willingness to personally endorse and encourage them. All who come to Silver Bay YMCA are required to be a registered guest or program participant. Silver Bay YMCA expects its guests and program participants to respect all other guests, program participants, staff and the Silver Bay YMCA property, and to comply with policies and practices established for the Silver Bay YMCA community. Guests, program participants and/or groups who fail to adhere to requirements, policies and practices (which include adherence to all local, state and national laws) or whose behavior does not adhere to the Mission of the Silver Bay YMCA may be asked to leave Silver Bay YMCA without compensation and may have their Guest Pass and program privileges terminated.

Determinations regarding guest pass and program participation status are at the sole discretion of management and subject to change without notice. A condition of guest status and program participation is the awareness and understanding of the Silver Bay YMCA Mission, values, practices and policies. However, no statement, regardless of how well written it is, will encompass all that is deemed unacceptable in our community. If guests and/or program participants have questions or concerns, management will promptly respond. We appreciate your understanding and hope that together, we can make every experience at Silver Bay YMCA a positive one. Additional details about program participation and Guest Passes, including a complete list of guest fees, are available on our website or at our front desk.

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