To foster relationships, strengthen communities and nurture spirit, mind and body for all.

The YMCA Triangle of Spirit, Mind, and Body captures the essence of the whole person who is living an intergrated life.

Our Impact

Because of Silver Bay YMCA, connections between people and family are stronger. People are more connected, respectful and caring. They have the confidence to develop to their full potential and to positively impact the communities in which they work and live. As a result, communities are more dynamic, inclusive and diverse. As stewards of Lake George, we inspire people to be stewards of the environment while they are visiting our magnificent campus and in their home communities.

Volunteer Recognition

Our Community and Environment Impact

Because of Silver Bay YMCA’s mission to foster relationships, strengthen communities and nurture spirit, mind and body for all, we strive to connect our local communities to the spirit of Silver Bay through a variety of outreach programs and environmental stewardship projects. These initiatives are intended to inspire individuals and families to connect with one another in meaningful ways, cultivate a sense of belonging within their communities, and take action to preserve the environment.

DIG Statement

At Silver Bay, equity and inclusion are central to our mission and our impact. Welcoming people of diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives enriches our community, provides a safe space for bonds to grow, and inspires people to develop their potential. As our mission states, to foster relationships, strengthen communities and nurture spirit, mind and body for all. Silver Bay is a unique and special place that inspires us all to positively impact the communities where we live.

The Board of Trustees is committed to upholding and living by the values of our mission. This includes developing strategies and initiatives to foster an inclusive environment at Silver Bay that actively welcomes and engages people with diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives. Commitment to these principles must become woven into everything we do. Therefore, the Board commits to continually evaluating and improving upon the ways that we incorporate these values into our work. We invite all members of the Silver Bay community to join us in living out our mission, thereby ensuring that diversity, equity and inclusion remain as core values of Silver Bay. 


Teen Center

Silver Bay YMCA is committed to supporting the youth of Essex and Warren Counties by providing opportunities to transform the lives of its children. Throughout the years, programs such as the Teen Center, After School Program, Youth & Goverment, Healthy Meal, the Leader’s Club, and many more have provided mentorship and friendship to local youth, inspired students with the self confidence to express themselves, created opportunities for teens to learn the values of respect and responsibility, and provided the fun experiences that every child deserves while fostering lifelong skills.

Silver Camp & Open Pathways

Financial Assistance is offered to local youth to provide them with the opportunity to attend summer camp at Silver Bay YMCA.

Silver Bay YMCA Silver Camp and Swim Lessons are designed to provide kids with new challenges to build confidence, foster self-worth, and to build relationships with others.

In 2021 over 20 families received assistance from Open Pathways scholarships.

Pastoral Respite Program

Pastors and their immediate families, as well as other who are involved in the ministry, are invited to stay in Brookside Community House or Trinity House, two facilities that are dedicated to the spiritual growth of all who come to stay.

In 2021 alone, the Pastoral Respite Ministry provided stays at no cost to over 600 individuals.

For more information or to apply click HERE.

Vacations Made Possible

Families facing extraordinary circumstances can be nominated for, or apply, to our Vacations Made Possible program to have an opportunity to enjoy a vacation in the Adirondacks for rest and renewal.

Silver Bay YMCA is honored to provide families with the opportunity to reconnect with one another and enjoy a reprieve from the stresses associated with everyday life.

The Vacations Made Possible program was created in 2015 and since has provided a stay at no cost to over 100 individuals.

For more information or to apply, click HERE.

Cancer Respite Program

By providing temporary respite to patients and their immediate families at no cost, the Cancer Respite Program gives these individuals the opportunity to bond with their loved ones and enjoy an escape from the anxieties and financial challenges that accompany a battle against cancer.

Since the program began in 2009, over 100 individuals undergoing cancer treatment and their families have stayed through the Cancer Respite Program at no cost, totaling over 300 individuals.

For more information or to apply, click HERE.

Military R&R Program

Understanding the unique challenges that members of the military and their families face, Silver Bay YMCA provides temporary respite to US Military personnel and their families at no cost, giving these individuals the chance to reconnect with their loved ones and enjoy a reprieve from the stresses associated with their service and everyday life.

Since the start of the Military R&R Program in 2009, over 200 military families (over 850 individuals) have stayed at Silver Bay at no cost.

For more information or to apply, click HERE.

Foster and Adoptive Family Retreat

Through the Foster and Adoptive Family Retreat, families can enjoy a stay at Silver Bay at no cost for up to one week anytime throughout the year.

Spend quality time with your family, experience the natural beauty and calming effect
of Silver Bay, and go home feeling refreshed, renewed and inspired!

This is a new program to Silver Bay and will launch in 2023.

For more information or to apply, click HERE.

*These programs and initiatives are offered at no cost to the community and are 100% funded by generous donations that largely come from outside the local area. Please consider supporting these programs and initiatives by making a tax deductible donation by visiting the giving page on our website or calling the Development Office at 518.543.8511.

Other community programs and events


  • Newly launched virtual Spiritual Life programs
  • Free fitness memberships for local Firefighters and EMTs
  • A free community access program during the winter months to explore the Silver Bay campus
  • Community off-season programs such as pickleball, yoga, tennis and disc golf for a small fee
  • Monthly “Dinner and a Movie” and “Dinner and a Lecture” events for a small fee
  • Learning opportunities through our Spiritual Life Book Group
  • Monthly men’s and women’s prayer breakfasts
  • Art and cultural events free to the community, such as the annual Gibson Brothers Concert and Glens Falls Symphony performance
  • Annual staff events to raise money for the Hague Volunteer Fire Department
  • Silver Bay has provided the property for the Hague Fire Department Substation at no cost since 1980

Environmental Stewardship

Boyd Center

The William Boyd Center

The William Boyd Center was completed in 2018 and designed to contain numerous environmentally sensitive factors including extensive use of local labor and locally sourced construction materials.

The new building is also equipped with green roof features, low energy usage fixtures with ambient light sensors, leveraging of natural light sources through enlarged windows and skylights, pervious paver elements that capture storm water, and a high energy efficient HVAC system.

Storm Water Management & Constructed Wetland

Silver Bay YMCA is leading the way in storm water management with the addition of numerous rain gardens and a constructed wetland.

The campuss encompasses 700 acres of Lake George watershed and stewards over one mile of Lake George shoreline.

During a storm event, the storm water runoff from heavily used Route 9N and Silver Bay Road passes over and through Silver Bay’s campus as it makes its way to the lake.

In 2019, Silver Bay completed construction of a wetland project designed and engineered to mitigate the negative effects of contaminated storm water and salt entering Lake George through a natural filtration process.

Pond Inn
Waste Water Facility

Waste Water Facility

Silver Bay YMCA modernized its 70+ year old waste water capabilities in 2019 with a new Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) system.

This advanced technology is the first of its kind on Lake George.

Protecting Lake George’s water quality if of utmost importance because it sustains the biosphere of the lake while providing a place of enjoyment for future generations.

E-Waste Day 

Silver Bay YMCA sponsors an annual electronic recycling day for the local community where residents drop off unwanted equipment at no cost exept for select itms with minimum fees that go directly to Silver Bay YMCA’s Vermont-based recycling partner EWASTE+

Items that have avoided the landfill because of this program include microwaves, laptops, and printers. 

The event has succeeded in recycling over 10,000 pounds of electronic wate since the program’s inception. 

eWaste Recycling
Aerial view of Silver Bay

Low Impact Development (LID) Certified Parking Lot

Silver Bay YMCA was awarded LID Certification by the FUND for Lake George for it’s environmentally sound relocation and reconstruction of its main parking facility in 2016.

This project was the first on Lake George to be awarded LID Certification.