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Silver Bay YMCA is located on the northern shores of Lake George in New York. Throughout the summer, Silver Bay serves over 800 people per week from guests and conference participants to family reunions. Outside of the summer season, Silver Bay welcomes many different conferences and school groups. Silver Bay prides itself on the dedication and love its staff has for the YMCA and the community that Silver Bay serves. This 700-acre facility offers an eclectic experience for both employees (referred to as EMPS) and guests. Silver Bay is situated in a sun-dappled Adirondack paradise offering programs and activities for all generations.

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Current Opportunities

Seasonal Employment with housing

Each year Silver Bay hires approximately 180 staff during the summer and 10-20 staff during the Spring and Fall to work and live on campus. The EMP Information Booklet provides more information about the EMP Experience and the jobs we have available. Please contact personnel@silverbay.org with any additional questions.


Ready to Apply? Please review the steps below


Complete an Application Packet. There is a separate procedure dependent upon whether you are a returning Employee, will be a first-time Employee, or are applying as an International Employee.


For new applicants, your application is not considered complete until all three reference forms are completed and returned.


International Employees must have a Silver Bay Contact Person (for example a former employee, guest, member or YMCA employee that has a Silver Bay connection). Please e-mail us at personnel@silverbay.org with your address and the name of the Silver Bay Contact Person who referred you and we will send you an International Application.