Faith Based Groups


Helping People Grow On Their Spiritual Journey

Silver Bay is committed to helping people grow spiritually and to encouraging people to develop a deeper relationship with God. The YMCA Triangle of Spirit, Mind, and Body captures the essence of the whole person who is living an integrated life. 

Spiritual Retreats of all sizes

Whether you’re a group of 12 or 500, we welcome you to Silver Bay to connect spiritually in a peaceful setting. Join the numerous groups who come to Silver Bay to relax on the shores of Lake Geroge all while growing together in their faith. 


Bring the Family!

Silver Bay is unique in that it’s a place for all ages. Whether you’re coming to deepen your relationship with God, as part of a meditation group using our labyrinth, or anything in between, bring the family. While you’re in workshops, the rest of the family can enjoy one of our many program areas including; archery, kayaking, indoor climbing wall, or even tennis. 

When you’re done with your scheduled events, meet up with your family and spend time building memories. 

Spiritual Retreats Can Enjoy

• Access to our outdoor labyrinth
• Access to meeting spaces including the Chapel
• Audio/Visual Equipment
• Meeting Space Setup