Stephanie Wagoner, Chair

Phil White, Vice Chair

Joel Wattenbarger, Vice Chair

Emily Clark, Secretary

Dominic Colafati, Treasurer



Joel Wattenbarger


Dominic Colafati

Strategic Planning

Phil White


Paul Bell

D.I.G. Task Force

Michelle Hay

CEO Review

Emily Clark


Peter Doliber


Melissa Adams

Mark Adzigian

Kathryn “Katie” Bang

Paul Bell

Denise Carter

Emily Clark

Dominic Colafati

Matthew Crusey

Lee Farmer

David Gray

Andy Gorelik

Michelle Hay

David Kaiser

C. Walter Lender

Jonathan Loane

Jack Mangiante

Adam Pearsall

Morrie Peters

David Ports

Stephanie Wagoner

Elise Walton

Joel Wattenbarger

Phil White

Kathy Wilson


(Diversity, Inclusion and Global Engagement)

At Silver Bay, equity and inclusion are central to our mission and our impact. Welcoming people of diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives enriches our community, provides a safe space for bonds to grow, and inspires people to develop their potential. As our mission states, to foster relationships, strengthen communities and nurture spirit, mind and body for all. Silver Bay is a unique and special place that inspires us all to positively impact the communities where we live.

The Board of Trustees is committed to upholding and living by the values of our mission. This includes developing strategies and initiatives to foster an inclusive environment at Silver Bay that actively welcomes and engages people with diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives. Commitment to these principles must become woven into everything we do. Therefore, the Board commits to continually evaluating and improving upon the ways that we incorporate these values into our work. We invite all members of the Silver Bay community to join us in living out our mission, thereby ensuring that diversity, equity and inclusion remain as core values of Silver Bay.