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(Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Engagement)

2020 proved to be a turbulent time in many ways. A heightened awareness of inequities across a broad spectrum of communities has compelled us to re-evaluate our perspective and viewpoint on these issues. This is true both individually and collectively.  Through this re-evaluation process, the Silver Bay Board of Trustees has embraced the opportunity for Silver Bay to evolve, to become a stronger organization, and to focus on our stated mission, which is, “To foster a lifelong sense of belonging, strengthen relationships, and nurture spirit, mind, and body for all.”

As part of this process, the Trustees of Silver Bay have taken steps to listen and learn, engaging in a series of discussions and training sessions facilitated by the Y-USA relating to diversity and inclusion. We also had the opportunity to participate in a Virtual Town Hall, hosted by the YMCA African American CEOs, on Unlearning Systemic Racism.

As a board, we are committed to upholding and living by the values of our mission, with a specific focus on diversity and inclusion.  With this in mind, the board has established a Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Engagement Task Force to oversee our continuing efforts in this area. This task force has a stated goal of identifying clear next actions, both for the immediate future and in the long-term. We invite all members of the Silver Bay community to join us in living out our mission, thereby ensuring that diversity and inclusion remain as core values of Silver Bay.